Stephanie Veraghen

Business Coach/Brand Consultant/Project Manager

I help people show up awesome online, in business, and in life. 

NLP Master Practitioner, Transformational Coach

NLP Master Practitioner, Transformational Coach


Frankly—you’ve probably never experienced ANYTHING like a coaching experience with Stephanie Veraghen.

I was a licensed therapist myself with 10 years of clinical work when I met Stephanie and the way she coached me was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Stephanie is a rare and unique kind of coach in the best possible way. What is truly remarkable is that when you’re talking with her she targets the issue at the intersection of personal responsibility, what’s REALLY going on underneath the surface, and the creation of possibility for things to become different, new, better, and improved from this moment forward.

When we started working together I was struggling with my direction in my life and where to go next with my personal development. I had so many things going right for me on the surface but internally I was spinning my wheels trying to get a grip on my inner peace. A few conversations with Stephanie turned it all around. She goes deep into the core theme of the issue and she holds you in unconditional love as you move through the problem and come out inspired and feeling lighter on the other side. I really admire the work she does and the natural, seemingly effortless, talent she uses to navigate complex issues while making their resolution feel totally simple, solvable, and nothing to feel judgment or badly about.

I really felt like Stephanie understood the dynamics of relationships and personal growth better than almost anyone else in the world. She is absolutely meant to do this kind of work.

Be renewed, become free and create new possibilities with a coaching experience with Stephanie.

Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach

Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach


When I was starting my coaching business, I didn't know what I didn't know. Then I had a conversation with Stephanie and realized that she was the missing piece for me to create my business with intention and direction and she knew what I didn't know!

Stephanie never missed a deadline and kept me focused and on task. We were able to co-create the business I had envisioned.

Together, we mapped out a strategy that was not only doable but enjoyable. I've never had more fun working alongside anybody. Stephanie shared my vision and helped me bring it to fruition. I'm forever grateful for the 2 years we worked together.

I can't say enough about this talented and savvy business woman. She's got a heart of gold and the spirit of a warrior.

Broker /Owner of LaPointe Realty Group & Home Realty Group

Broker /Owner of LaPointe Realty Group & Home Realty Group

sharon lapointe

Stephanie's coaching allowed me the opportunity to get out of my own way and become productive and produce results. I would recommend her to anyone who is stuck in any area of their life and who wants to move forward.


Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker

Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker


Stephanie was a God-send. She always showed up, researched, and completed projects as promised. She is trustworthy, smart and loyal. With great ideas and an eye for design, she transformed my unorganized self help blog which was "throwing spaghetti on the wall", to a rebranded, automated six figure business.


donna morano.png


Before I started working with Stephanie as my coach, I was very overwhelmed with the thought of starting my business, not sure how or where to start and felt really stuck. I thought that I wanted to go down a particular path with a particular plan, but wasn’t sure why I was having such a hard time starting.

Together, we started uncovering what it was that I really enjoyed doing and not what I thought I should be doing. I learned how to uncover the why’s behind my thought patterns and how to be aware of when they would come up for me and sabotage my actions. I learned so many tools along the way that really helped me understand what and how I want to contribute to my community and to society as a whole. My time management skills have improved and I am better at knowing what I want to spend my time on.

My whole focus has shifted from what I thought I wanted to do as a business to what I really want to be spending my time doing, and as a result other business ideas have resulted that don’t overwhelm me, but excite me instead.

I came into coaching with an idea of what I was going to get helped with and got coached on what I really needed instead.


Essence Leadership Coach

Essence Leadership Coach


Working with Stephanie was a dream come true for an overachieving, burned out entrepreneur like myself. She swooped in and made the next steps clearer, the overwhelm dissolve and my confidence return. Not only did she coach me through where I needed to focus my energy but also gave me new possibilities from her experience and insight. She targeted my inner blocks so I could move forward with a plan. Then she executed all projects with professionalism and attention to detail. Her wide-range of talents make Stephanie an invaluable resource for anyone’s dream team.


CEO + Founder at Wild Soul Movement // The Trust Assessment

CEO + Founder at Wild Soul Movement // The Trust Assessment


In 2017 I knew I had to take a lot of the "just because I can doesn't mean I should" things off of my plate. Being able to hand them off to Stephanie and have her manage other team members, lay out our projects, keep us on our timelines, send us reminders when things are coming up due, and so much more has been life changing. Its allowed me to think and create bigger since we can handle the complexity now with Stephanie in her role. She is always asking critical questions and pulling out details and ideas that help us get clear and grow. She's like the secret weapon I didn't know I needed.


CEO + Founder at Spread Thanks!

CEO + Founder at Spread Thanks!


Working with Stephanie is like winning the lottery.

Stephanie was recommended to me over two years ago when I embarked upon my passion project, Spread Thanks, and I’m immensely grateful I found her. Thanks to Stephanie, I’ve been able to further my project while maintaining my career as an Account Executive for a leading educational services company. 

She will guide you through everything you need to promote your business, from strategic planning, to social media, to Internet marketing, and every step in between. She is smart, organized, and super responsive. Stephanie manages tasks swiftly and handles all the moving parts of a project masterfully.    

What I love most about Stephanie is how she shares the passion for her clients’ projects – she “gets” the mission and wants to help. In Stephanie I feel I found both a business collaborator and a friend. How great is that?