Stephanie Veraghen

Business Coach/Brand Consultant/Project Manager

I help people show up awesome online, in business, and in life. 



:: Do you feel stuck in your business and aren't sure why you can't seem to move forward with creating what you've always dreamt about? 

:: Are you in need of an online business manager/project manager to support you, manage your projects, coordinate with your staff and run your business operations so you can free up your time to focus on creating, serving your clients, bringing in new business, or take a much needed day off from all the hustle?

:: Do you need someone you can partner with to create your next product or strategy, and know that when it's ready you can hand it over without a doubt that its handled and delivered on deadline?

:: Are you overwhelmed and tired of doing it alone and want to work with someone that "gets" you and your needs, and can effectively communicate to get things done quickly and efficiently?

I'm your person.




When we show up to work on our business, we bring our whole life to it. We may think that our personal and professional lives are separate, but they’re not. Sometimes we need help sorting through situations that arise. Together we'll uncover what's stopping you, so you can keep moving confidently and powerfully to achieve the results you're after. 

I help clients with:

• Creating clarity when they feel stuck with personal or business decisions and situations

• Communicating effectively with staff and clients by having powerful conversations

• Figuring out what they really want to do in their business when they can’t decide what’s next

• Completing relationships so they can move forward without dragging the past into their future

• Discovering what’s in their blind spot that is keeping them from moving forward so they can show up awesome and produce the results they want

Ready to get un-stuck?


Together, we take your idea or vision and make it a reality. We’ll collaborate to create:

• Structures: You'll get assistance with setting up systems and structures so you can get organized, let your team know where to find things, and scale your business. This includes items such as filing systems, project management software set up, team guidelines, and other vital operational needs. 

• Strategies: You'll get a customized plan for implementing project(s), social media campaigns, Facebook group strategies, building YouTube channel videos, online program/product launches, promotional programs, brand ambassador programs, and advertising/media relations. 

• Events: You'll receive full support and management in creating your special event. This includes event programming, printed/digital materials, marketing, venue booking, and facilitation.

• Products: In one conversation, you'll have clarity around what type of product you'd most like to offer and how to put it together in a way that excites you.

• Branding: We'll work together to develop your vision, brand, website,  and social media content so you can turn it into a reality. 

• Speaking Materials: You'll learn from my years of working with speakers, bureaus, and agents about what pieces are needed to get you booked, referrals, and exposure. 

• Anything else you can dream up

Ready to collaborate?



After all the creating and planning, it’s time to get this party started. Hand over your project and consider all of the details executed thoroughly and on time. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

• Writing Company Documents: (SOPs, Employee   Handbooks, Hiring Docs, Program Guides)

• Building Systems/Processes • File Organization

• Hiring • Team Management

• Operations Management • Marketing Plan Execution

• Client/Contractor Onboarding

• Live Event Management • Online Program Launches

• Customer Care Support • Graphic Design

Ready to get this party started?